Thursday, October 18, 2018

Friday, October 19

Welcome, James!

TO-DO List for Today
1. Mask Sketching
2. Essay Brainstorming

  • What might you write your essay about? Make a list, 

3. Read Mexican White Boy (check reading guide here)
4. If you finish the novel early, you can begin to write the seminar prep. (see questions below)

SEMINAR PREP Mexican White Boy

  1. What masks do the characters in this book wear? Choose one characters to answer this question. (How might their outward identity be in conflict with their inner life?)
  2. How have the characters in this book been socialized into their identities? Choose one character to answer this question.
  3. How much control do we have to choose our own identities?  How much is determined by the life we were born into and how much is our own personal creation? Use the characters from the book as evidence of your answer.
  4. What makes for beautiful prose in literature? Choose a striking quote from the book and explain why it impacts you.

Thursday, October 18th

Process Reflection (on paper!)
1. What have you learned so far in this class about IDENTITY and how it is formed?
2. What are some reasons that it can be complicated to figure out who you are and how you fit into society, especially when you are young?

Let's Circle UP and share....

Initial MASK sketches....

Reading Time!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Tuesday, October 16

Starter: Make two new notecards: one that introduces your SLC and one that concludes it.  

  • INTRO: Welcome your parents and thank them for coming.  Share with them the Strengths Explorer results and answer the following questions: 
    • Who are you at home?
    • Who are you with your friends/peers?
    • Who are you at school?
  • CONCLUSION: Thank your parents and share with them your overall goals for this year.
    • Example:  Thanks so much for being here to support me in my growth, mom!  This year, I want to be more motivated, at home and at school.  I am going to spend less time on my gadgets, so that I can be more present with my family and friends!

SLC Peer Critique
  1. Groups of 3
  2. Practice your SLC, using your notecards for all your classes.
  3. Give each other feedback, using the rubric as a guideline.  For each person's presentation, jot down 2 things that are strong about the presentation, and two suggestions for refinement.

Reading Time: Mexican White Boy
Reading Guidelines and Dates
Through page 123 for tomorrow.  Continue to annotate and engage with the text.  Make connections!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Monday, October 15th

Starter 10.15:  In what ways are you thriving in school right now?  In what ways do you need to improve your game?

Student Led Conferences are on Wednesday!

SLC Reminders
Professional Dress!
Be on time!  Your parents scheduled it, so they should know your time.
Bring evidence!

Reading Time: Mexican White Boy
Reading Guidelines and Dates
Through page 106 for tomorrow.  Continue to annotate and engage with the text.  Make connections!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday, October 12th

Starter:  Take a moment to look over your annotations.  Look for a passage in the text that you find to be beautiful prose:)

Small group discussion
One person should scribe main points of your group’s conversation.  You could cut and paste the questions into a google doc, answer them, and share it with Jessica.  Or you could jot down main points on a piece of paper.  Bulleted lists and incomplete sentences are fine.

Discussion Norms:

  1. Discuss, don’t just answer the questions
  2. Answer every answer fully and give examples when you can (reference the text)
  3. Everyone on the page in the text you are discussing
  4. Redirect side conversations
  5. Balance who speaks
  6. Ask questions if needed
  7. No talking to other groups

Mexican Whiteboy Discussion Questions
  1. Each group member should share one significant annotation.
  2. Read to each other the passage you identified as beautiful, deep, or striking.
  3. Why is Danny experiencing an identity conflict?
  4. How do Danny’s different communities socialize him in different ways?
  5. How do race/ethnicity play a role in Danny’s identity? In Uno’s?
  6. On p. 29, Senior says to Uno, “a leopard can never change his spots” as he shares some wisdom about life and identity. What might be the significance of this line/scene in the overall message of the book?
  7. On p. 52, Randy (mom’s boyfriend) says “choice gives a human being a sense of empowerment.” How might this represent a privileged worldview?

Large Group Discussion
Race, ethnicity, Mexican Whiteboy, White People, Why is Victor so upset?

JOURNAL 10.12:  What are some ways that your race and/or ethnicity have impacted your identity?

Edit your Mean Girls paragraphs. Please highlight T, E, and A in each paragraph, as I have done here.  Submit to me by email today if you have not done so already. 

Read Mexican White Boy pages for Monday

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Thursday, October 11

Starter 10.11:  The Color of Fear "Red Ground Scene"
Using some of the vocabulary we studied yesterday, react to this clip.  What is being communicated between these two men?  Why is Victor so emotional?

Documentary: MTV's White People

Journal 10.11:  React to film. What new perspectives did you gain from this film?

Reading time: MWB

Wednesday, October 10

Starter 10.10:  (On paper)

  1. How close are you to done on your Mean Girls quiz?
  2. How do you feel about your ability to craft a TEA paragraph?
  3. What are you struggling with in Humanities right now (TEA paragraph or otherwise)?

Reading Plans: Mexican White Boy

Is race “talked about too much”?  Would an attempt at colorblindness be better?

Which of our terms do we see represented in this video?  Jot down connections as you watch.

The people in the video say to Samantha Bee:
“White privilege affects every aspect of your life.  It’s part of your identity.”
“It’s at the intersection of a lot of different things. Part of the privilege of being white is not having to feel uncomfortable just existing and thinking a police officer is going to profile you just for what you look like.”
Let’s unpack these statements, shall we?

We are going to be looking at this concept in the novel as well.   Be caught up with the assigned pages BY TOMORROW! ! Please read through 57 by Friday!


Sunday, October 7, 2018

Monday October 9--Tuesday, October 10

Mean Girls
Image result for mean girls

Mean Girls Sociology Assessment

Read Mexican White Boy (through page 39 due by Wednesday)

Friday, October 5, 2018

Friday, October 5th

TEA paragraph practice
Write a TEA paragraph about the Sociology content. Make a claim about gender, relating it to the "Cycle of Socialization," Queen Bees and Wannabes, comments of the panel, or anything else that stands out to you.  I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to use a quote from one of the readings as part of your evidence.  You will have to do so for your Mean Girls quiz, so it's good to get into the habit now. 

Mean Girls quiz prep:  YOU WILL NEED YOUR ANNOTATED READINGS, so be sure you bring them next week. (Harro and Wiseman)

Mask Refinements
Reading Time (Mexican White Boy through page 39 by next Wednesday)

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Thursday, October 4th

TEA paragraphs!

My Best Work:  Go Lions!

Practice paragraphs on the back of the handout:
Annotate Paragraph #2 for T, E, and A and show me when you are done....

Let's write one!
Make a claim
What is the evidence?
Can you analyze the evidence in a way that connects it back to the claim made in the topic sentence?

The Mean Girls quiz will require you to write multiple TEA paragraphs analyzing the sociology concepts in the film.

Mask Refinements
Sanding, Mod Podge

Assign Novel: Mexican White Boy (through page 39 by next Wednesday)

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Wednesday, October 3rd

Strengths Explorer: Welcome, Jess and Janae!

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Tuesday, October 2nd

Starter 10.2:  Watch the video, “My Princess Boy”
How does society react to individuals who break gender stereotypes? Why do they respond that way? Is gender intolerance socialized?

Discuss our takeaways from the reading.  What was surprising or enlightening?

What questions might we have for our panelists?

Welcome Panel!